Kandice Complete!

Agh! She's so pretty!! These aren't cropped yet because I hate to finalize them just yet. Enjoy!


Another one...


Okay so its taking me forever to get through post processing of these pics. I'm getting Lightroom this week so it'll go much smoother. But here is one from the shoot with the girls. Kandice!!


One from today...

Today Stef, Kandice and Nicole volunteered to go out on a shoot. I had fun~they have a great energy. Only got one pp by the time I calibrated my monitor to a decent standing. Steffy Weffy!!



Well I'm still working on getting my monitor calibrated so please bear with me as some of my pictures have very weird coloring. =)



I was in Bakersfield this week and all the girls looked so pretty! So while Jaleesa and I were waiting for the other girls to get ready we did an impromptu photo shoot. She looked so pretty!!


Easter Pics

Well I tried to capture some Easter shots. Thank you to Jalianna and Ruth for posing for me! I am learning to hate white backgrounds and yearn for lighting. =) Although I must admit the first pic is really cool!



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About Me

Me? Well.......
  1. I love photography, design and creating things
  2. I have been married to a great guy for the last 4 years
  3. I'm currently a student at SJSU (S-T-I-L-L)
  4. Don't have any kiddos but plan to this year and early next year (did I say 'and'...I meant 'or'...maybe)
  5. I spend way too much time in front of the computer
  6. I watch way too many shows online
  7. I could live off of Iced Tea and chocolate
  8. I'm not a cook
  9. I consider myselft a vegetarian
  10. I'm a preacher's kid and have been for the last 11 years of my life.
  11. I always think of things to add to this little list but forget them when I sit down.

One day these will get cuter, funnier and a little more harried. But for now that's a peek into me. To see more of my ramblings check out my personal blog.