A Vignette

I got a new phone. I'm almost totally up to date technologically. Almost. My phone is mostly plasticky--and I won't even tell you what operating system I'm running on my computer. But me and dinosaurs? We're good friends. Buuut, imagine how hip I felt when I got a Droid. Oh yeeeaahhh *said with my best Barry White imitation*.

Anyhow, being the type A perfectionist about my photos that I am, I was very underwhelmed with the camera that came with the phone. It took me forever to find a program I liked. One of my favorite photo apps, Instagram, isn't on the droid market. And I was finding nothing even close in comparison. Until I browsed a Q&A section on Instagram (yes, and I read manuals too) when I saw the name Vignette and that it was a great alternative on Droid. Bottabing bottaboom! Sold and sold. It lacks the social aspect Instagram has but nevertheless is waaay better than my stock camera.

I've started doing a photo a day on my Twitter and love that I have to think outside the box because the camera phone is only so powerful. To be honest, putting together the collage I had to go through oodles of "Cash" photos to get these. I obviously need to expand my daily interests. ;) I'm actually finding I love that Vignette has more options than Instagram in processing. And I can express another side of myself through my phone.

Oh and my phone? It hooks up to my computer!! Yeah I'm lame. I know.

Happy Thursday!


Adelina + Shawn {Married}

Every once in a while you hear about a couple who meets, loves what they find and decides to get married. All in the span of 6 months. Meet Lina and Shawn. Lina was Steffy's childhood friend and her family have been members of our church for years. It's been such an honor watching her life unfold and seeing how God has a plan for her life. Shawn is an amazing guy. He treats her like a queen. He loves her son without any reservations. And on their wedding day when he talked to his dad I couldn't help but hear him say that he was marrying the woman of his dreams.

I wish the happiest of ever afters and dreams for you both.

Their wedding was for family only and was such a beautiful intimate affair. I was thrilled to be a part of it.

Is she not gorgeous? I posted this photo on my Facebook because I loved it so much.

Because the ceremony was in the evening we had limited light so Shawn and Lina decided to see each other before the ceremony.


6 Months

So at this point the kiddo is already 7 months.

Yeahhh...I lag. *points finger at Cash* It's totally his fault. But he is so worth it!! I mean, look at that chubby face. A girl at church said he looked like that little kid Russel from the Pixar movie Up--that still makes me laugh. I had another friend tell me to start investing in football gear. Hehe. I love my little chub immensely.

We were out at Santana Row with my sisters and brother-in-law and I set out to get some photos of my little guy before he turned seven months old, oh, like the week after. That way I could say he was "technically" 6 months old. Oh the things that mean something to me. :) He made us all laugh and had quite a few admirers around him. Right now his current stats are: 22lbs., 26 in., 8 teeth and is doing his darndest to learn how to crawl. He loves beans, graham crackers and drinking water from a cup. I'm currently indoctrinating him to say Mama so that my uncle doesn't get his way in making sure Cash's first word is Nick.

Happy Tuesday!


Neveah {Newborn Session}

This little beauty was born to a beauty. Seriously. Ben and Staci are such a good looking couple. Staci was a referral from her best friend Lindsay (Jordyn's mom)and I was totally thrilled!

On the day we set up our shoot we actually got a little snow in Gilroy *cue the Hallelujah chorus*. All of us Gilroyans had been Facebooking for a couple days in anticipation of this alleged snow and it happened! And...I am totally off topic. :)

Neveah was such a good baby. She didn't want to sleep for about half an hour and then she was out for the rest of the session. Absolutely perfect. I am loving all these newborns. Enjoy this little beauty.

Happy Monday!


Christina + Kevin {Love}

It has been waaay too long since I posted. And these photos are long overdue! I shot these back in January and somehow my kid grew from 4 months to 7 months since then. Phew, time flies.

This was such a fun session! Mat and Cash tagged along and we got some yummy dinner with Kevin and Christina afterwards (oh, yeah I still remember dinner :)). Both of these friends are old coworkers of Mat. I did Christina's head shots while I was still pregnant for her photography site. She's such a fun subject and Kevin is definitely a compliment to her.

We ended up at San Juan for this session and played with all the yummy light. I tend to not play with sun flare but was really glad I got these shots. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!