Holding on Tighter

It was a morbid dream. Involving floods, being trapped at a campsite, seeing tons of kids not having a clue about what the flood of waters meant...and losing my little boy. In my dream rescuers came and they rejoiced when they saw I was alone because it was easy to save a single person. When I told them I wasn't alone but had lost my baby, they laughed at me and said I was just trying to play on their sympathies so I could get out faster. My world spun and it made no sense. No knowing what else to do I held my little boy for them to see. They quit laughing and I woke up.

Laying in the dark, I told Mat my dream and I began to cry. I cried because I didn't think I could ever deal with such a loss and don't even want to think about it. I cried because breathing softly in my arms was my little boy asleep with no cares in the world. I cried because I was so grateful to hold him tightly.

Ever since my dream I've held him tighter. Cuddled him longer. Cherished his laugh. Delighted in the new tricks his dad has taught him. Taken the time to listen to his chatter and conversations. I love my baby boy. I love looking through photos of him, seeing how much he's grown and praying God's protection over him.

I hope you're loving your babies today!

Happy Wednesday!


G Family::Gilroy Family Photography

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had at this shoot at the end of summer/beginning of fall. So, so much fun. The kiddos had me laughing, awwing and giggling. There's absolutely no doubt that there is a ton of love in this family and these kiddos have a most awesome set of parents. I wish I had room to show you the whole gallery because they are so photogenic.

I know I put it in my blog header, on my website, and I have it on my FB page so I'll say it again here--REMEMBER THE LITTLE THINGS. Children grow up so fast, their teeth fall out, their legs gets longer, their hands get bigger and their childhood innocence turns into life and responsibilities. You'll never make a better investment than to capture their laugh, their hearts and their childhood interests.

Happy Thursday--go hug your kiddos, take lots of pictures and cherish all the little things!!


Parker::Gilroy Senior Photography

Hi everyone! Long time no talk to eh? I apologize. Sincerely. So much has happened since my last blog post (you know, the one where it had been 2 months since I blogged?). Biggest news? We're expecting kiddo #2! Yay for big brothers and outgrowing our tiny place. :)

 Speaking of twos...meet Parker! I shot his older brother 2 years ago and this year Parker is graduating from high school. Really, there was so much I loved about the shoot. The location, the lighting, the weather, the model. Guys are so easy to photograph, really. I had a lot of favorites from this session but will leave you with my two absolutes. The bottom one needs to be a poster. Really.


I'm working to get caught up and have lots more photos to show. Thanks for being so patient!

Happy Thursday!