You Make Me...

...love learning.

...giggle on the insides.

...listen to endless hours of talk about the youth group.

...enjoy making breakfast for you...whenever I do it.

...roll my eyes.

...believe in everything life has to offer.

...appreciate the small things.

...not mad at you.


Happy Wednesday!


Love Notes

He gave me four of them.

He made me cry.

He made me smile.

He made me giggle.

He made me feel like I was the luckiest woman in the world.

And I am.

It's been an amazing five years. Years spent growing up, learning about life, working a marriage and discovering passions.

Mat-thank you for all the love notes. Even the ones in high school. Said in my best Nacho voice, "YOU'RE THE BESSS!"


10 Years Old Again

I couldn't help but go back to the Oxnard days. When we lived a mile away from our best friend, the year it rained and flooded her street dips and we got to play. There were five of us. 3 girls, 2 guys and lots of water and a change of clothes. We played for hours and all I can remember flopping in and out of the water and not having a care in the world.

So when I heard their screams and got a text from my mom telling me I'm missing good pictures I rushed outside, bumped up the ISO and started snapping away. Apparently the girls moved faster than my shutter speed but I couldn't help but post these technically imperfections. Because one day, I hope when they're older and they see little kids playing in the rain, they'll go back to the days when life was full of childhood and time passed without responsibility.

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday Prayer

It's definitely not conventional. Nor is it always silent. The passion is palpable and the power can be felt. Its beautiful, powerful...and its the way we pray. And I love it.

Happy Tuesday!


Rainy Days and Mondays

I can remember as a kid being bummed that rain never seemed to fall on a Monday. In the rare instances that it did I would have an ear to the radio hoping the DJ would play The Carpenter's song Rainy Days and Mondays. Without fail, it never happened. They would play the song on Tuesday and which point I would belt out the few words that I knew in commemoration of the day before. Wow, how was that for confusing? :)

Well today was Monday, a holiday AND it rained so I belted out the song with all the inside gusto I could manage on this lazy day and just enjoyed life. It was the perfect day for playing video games (yes, we still only have a GameCube), doing a little cleaning, hanging out at my in-laws and spending some time watching old movies (I can never have too much of Jimmy Stewart). A perfectly relaxing day enjoying lots of little moments filled with peace.

I wish you all a happy and peaceful week. *side note prayer: Dear God, please allow a little bit of sunshine through this weeks storms, otherwise I think I may go a little crazy. *

Happy Monday!


Days of Old

I know, but I just can't help it! Almost as much as I can't help starting off paragraphs as though I were in the middle of conversation. Oh well, it's not like I have some genius child to brag about. So Pouf must receive all my love. And my blog posts. So I say I know to your statement of but you just blogged about your fabulous dog. Okay the fabulous part I threw in for free. But when I look at this photo I can't help but want another puppy. And as I write this I am cracking up because I sound like someone who holds a brand new baby in their hands and decides they want another one. But I do. I want to hold a brand new puppy every time I see this photo. She was so little and so cute and so...okay coming down out of the clouds to go and play with my not so little, but oh-so-cute animal.

Happy happy Friday!


Such a Snob

I never realized how much of a snob she was until Denice got married. I had a friend offer her a piece of prized steak and instead of being excited, she sniffed it and turned her head like it was the most offensive thing she had ever smelled. I mean I must have been in denial because she is, after all, adorable. Never mind that she when she's outside she'll only sit in the sun, otherwise she'll give you this miserable look that seems to say you'd get cold too if forced to sit on cold pavement, can you please bring me a blanket or something?? Or, that she has to be completely covered before going to bed at night? Do I have the only dog that won't eat the same food three days in a row and therefore just won't eat?

Today I tried to get her in all her cuteness...my little snob would not even dignify a look at the camera and got quite huffy (as you can plainly see below) when my shutter kept clicking. Well, boo her and her royalty. The first two aren't poses, oh no no. That's her ignoring me. 90% of my pictures of her are like that. I usually print the other 10% because the cute ones are who I pretend she really is. She gives me such joy!

Happy Monday!


Pampereth Me

I am the worst self shopper ever. As a female I know its probably the most blasphemous statement any woman could ever make. But alas, its quite true. Stef, an avid shopper, stylist, shoe connoisseur gets completely exasperated with me. She tells me I never buy anything for myself. Painfully true and I don't know what it is. Maybe its because I don't value the whole fashion things as much as I wish I could or because deep down I'm some sort of fashionista living in a minimimalist's body. For example, tonight my dear mother in law asked me how many purses I have? 2. Shoes? 3 pairs that I wear. Coats? 1. Sweaters? 2. I begin to realize how painfully pathetic these numbers sounded. And honestly, I can't decide if this bothers me. I love purses but can only use one at a time so I might as well find one that I REALLY like. I find a neutral pair of shoes in the summer and wear them all summer long, never giving much thought to having more than one pair for day and one pair for church. In the winter I wear the same pair of boots until they die. Mat? Same thing. Our priorities have just never laid in the fashion end of things. Until recently. We've both become a little more appreciative of variety. I'm super thankful for what we have. There are some people who only have a sweater and no coat, a pair of sandals and no boots and only a backpack or trash sack to carry their belongings. For our blessings I am so thankful. And I've come to realize that its okay to have something new just for you. That its okay to walk through the whole store and actually buy what you've been holding in your hands the entire time, rather than putting it back because you can't justify buying yourself a little something. So yesterday I went shopping. I was in the mood. For three and a half hours I browsed two stores and bought myself a little something. Now I know to everyone who has even read this far this may not be like some big thing, but to me, the girl who ALWAYS puts back what she's holding in her hand it was a big deal. It was a purse. Just for me. :) Best thing? It was on sale!

Isn't it cute?

Now for all the people like me who have a hard time spending a buck or two on themselves because everything else about life takes priority, take a couple hours and do something for yourself. Even if its just buying yourself a $15 purse. ;)

Happy Sunday!


An Unselfish Year

It was a bit of an epiphany. Something that hit me in the head with a firm "duh." I mean, I've always kind of known it but it never really resonated with me. It was always just one of those things that I want to be. You know when you see someone when a certain characteristic that you wish you possessed? It's kind of like that. There are some people who are just NICE. They have a good heart and are always giving of themselves completely selfishly...and its here I confess a flaw. I'm not one of those people. There are time when I am so wrapped up in what I'm doing that I allow (and that's the key word) things to interfere with me and struggle with giving more of myself. In this new year, its something that I vow. I don't have to be someone great or of all importance. I can do this just as me. Just as I am. I want to be an inspiration in someone's life. To touch more people than I can count. Not for self glorification or selfish reasons either but because there is more to life than my silly little world. I actually love that I have weaknesses and love to see how I change them. I want to give more to my family, friends, clients and church. It's what I do that will define me (thank you Batman).

Happy Wednesday!


The Loudest Thing

It's inevitable and cannot be escaped. At every family wedding and get together one thing that rings out louder than anything else...laughter. They can't help it, its just in their nature. A nature that I love. This is my family. My dad's side of the family. The side with the proud latino heritage. The side full of public speakers. The side not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. I call them my beautiful aunts, I call him Dad, the other Grandpa...and David...I call him David. :)

Denice and I made the trek down to beautiful Santa Barbara and the weather was goooorrrrggeous (yes,I totally just sang that word)! *side prayer: Dear Lord, please make a note to drop some of the beautifullness in Gilroy when you next get the chance--thanks!* My aunt gets the most beautiful light in her home and her backyard proved to be picture perfect. To my beautiful aunts, lovely Dave, my oh so wonderfully fabulous dad (so I'm biased) and Gramps~I had such a good time visiting and hope we can do it again soon...in Florida. ;) xoxo!


Happy Tuesday!