The Loudest Thing

It's inevitable and cannot be escaped. At every family wedding and get together one thing that rings out louder than anything else...laughter. They can't help it, its just in their nature. A nature that I love. This is my family. My dad's side of the family. The side with the proud latino heritage. The side full of public speakers. The side not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. I call them my beautiful aunts, I call him Dad, the other Grandpa...and David...I call him David. :)

Denice and I made the trek down to beautiful Santa Barbara and the weather was goooorrrrggeous (yes,I totally just sang that word)! *side prayer: Dear Lord, please make a note to drop some of the beautifullness in Gilroy when you next get the chance--thanks!* My aunt gets the most beautiful light in her home and her backyard proved to be picture perfect. To my beautiful aunts, lovely Dave, my oh so wonderfully fabulous dad (so I'm biased) and Gramps~I had such a good time visiting and hope we can do it again soon...in Florida. ;) xoxo!


Happy Tuesday!


  1. I hadn't seen these u did not post them on fb... they looked like always they were having fun...


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