Jessica's Senior Portraits

She's quiet and unassuming. Cute and demure. And so much fun to hang around with. Jessica was up for anything and that's my favorite kind of person. And she's photographs beautifully. She was so comfortable in front of the camera I KNOW she's done this before. Like I said in my last post there were so many good ones, so here's her official sneak peek! Isn't she full of fabulous?


Jessica::Gilroy Senior Portraits

Okay~so this is not the REAL post but a sneak peek of a sneak peek. I couldn't help it. I LOVED this session. And I had to share AT LEAST one! More to come! Enjoy!!


Me and My BIG...::Gilroy Photographer

Dashing smiles. Sheepish grins. Tinkling laughter. We've all got them. But what if you were only shown the bottom half of someone's face? Would it make you wonder? Why they're laughing or what they're grinning about? If you were to go through my archives most of these faces (or their halves) might look a little familiar. Ladies and gentlemen, so ends the school year with this final project. I have ALWAYS wanted to do this project and am so glad for the excuse to do it. Whattya think? Cool huh? Cheers!-Here's the end of another semester.


Denice::Gilroy Senior Photographer

She's beautiful. Her heart and infectious smile. And determined. Seriously, I think in my entire collegiate life (and this life is lasting a long time) I've pulled maybe 5 all nighters cramming and getting things done. Denice? Um, like 20. Just this semester. But she did it--she's done with her Master's degree. And ready to get married. I have one beautiful sister. And we are so proud of her. This is your year Niece and as much as you'll hate me for posting, I think you came out gorgeous. Love you!


The G Family::Gilroy Portrait Photographer

He's the preacher. She's the boss. Together they're amazing. Amazing people. Amazing hearts. They love the rushing city of San Francisco. And their son is at hip as they are. I was both thrilled and flattered that they asked me to shoot their lifestyle session and even more thrilled when they came up with a fabulous agenda. Start in South City, ride the BART up to the heart of downtown, grab some dinner and take some photos. Did I mention they're fabulous? Mat and I had SUCH a great time. There are so many good ones from this session--I think shooting city is my cup of tea and they gave me cupfuls. Enjoy their sneak peek, and thank you for a wonderful evening!


Junior & Rosa:: Gilroy Wedding Photographer

They have that kind of love that can make you cry tears of joy. In fact, that's what everyone did at the wedding. I don't think there was a dry eye in the place. Including mine (which makes it very hard to take pictures I might add). Junior and Rosa, I am so happy for the both of you and honored that you asked me to photograph your special day! Here's to many many many happy years!