The G Family::Gilroy Portrait Photographer

He's the preacher. She's the boss. Together they're amazing. Amazing people. Amazing hearts. They love the rushing city of San Francisco. And their son is at hip as they are. I was both thrilled and flattered that they asked me to shoot their lifestyle session and even more thrilled when they came up with a fabulous agenda. Start in South City, ride the BART up to the heart of downtown, grab some dinner and take some photos. Did I mention they're fabulous? Mat and I had SUCH a great time. There are so many good ones from this session--I think shooting city is my cup of tea and they gave me cupfuls. Enjoy their sneak peek, and thank you for a wonderful evening!


  1. You are doing such a GREAT JOB! Caputuring the innocence of this little boy!! "AWESOME PIC"


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