Gilroy Family Photographer::

I can't even begin to describe how fun it was to shoot this adorable family. When Brenda told me what she had in mind I immediately texted my sister to let her know what kind of shoot I was doing on Friday. Yes. I was that excited! :)

Joe and Brenda celebrated their first baby girl's one year birthday to past weekend and decided to have photos done to commemorate. They went all out in the details bringing her favorite books, stuffed animals and tea set with each of them dressing the part. [Just a tip--if you want to have interesting and different photos its in the details. Details, details, details. Beautiful brides, remember that also! ;)]

Elly was adorable. I had such a good time. Truly. Enjoy some prettiness.

Happy Wednesday!


Summer Mini Sessions

Note to self: Blog more. I really do have a life. Just no time to blog about it. ;)

MINI SESSIONS!! Oh I am loving these sessions this time around!

As of right now the beach session will be happening at Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz. The only reason this will change is because it's crazy crowded so I'm going to go and scope it out a couple weeks before. It is summer so...we'll see.

Book your session before July 1st to receive a special little promo. ;)

If you are a repeat friend, contact me for your special promo too.

Want to earn $25 print credit towards your collection? Refer a friend! Once your friend is booked, cha-ching, money in your pocket.

Hope everyone is having an amazing summer so far! These are bound to be the best mini sessions yet!

P.S. I! love! exclamation! points!
P.P.S. Yes!! I!! do!!