Zach {Morgan Hill Senior Photography}

It's not very often I get to shoot senior guys. It's also not often I get to shoot senior guys who aspire to be architects who are really comfortable in front of my camera. Meet Zach. I could have shot all day with him. He was an amazing model (and many, many thanks to Candice for assisting!!). I told Zach I would forward his photos on to Abercrombie. Or Hollister. Or both. As long as he told them he had a designated photographer.


I dream big. ;)

Happy half price pizza Tuesday!


Perspective Contest Details

I cannot wait to see what photos you come up with!!

Okay here are the rules:

1. You must take 2 photos. One of a "straight on" perspective and one where you change your perspective. Get on the ground, go up top, tilt your camera...however you want to change to make your photo interesting. See this blog post for more.

2. Upload your two photos to the Urban Rose Facebook page (if you don't Like it yet make sure to Like it first!). Make sure to label your photos either Original and Perspective.

Creativity counts! The more interesting the better. If you someone posts something really creative make sure to leave them a little love also! Feel free to use any kind of camera--just make sure its a recent photo!

Share with your friends! Sharing with your friends automatically gets you an extra entry. :) Just tell me you shared.

Prize: $10 gift card to iTunes or some other place more interesting. :) The exact prize is still TBD.

Contest ends Friday at 10pm.

Have fun everyone!!

Different Point of View

The other day I felt in a rut. Bloggily. Like I had already blogged everything in my life. My life consists of being a wife, being a mom and being a photographer. Well, you know, and a daughter and sister too. Which I could write a lot of jokes but no one would get them. Then I started to reflect on what I do. Observing what I do and how I do it. I tried to figure out what gives me my style. And I kept getting one word that came back to me. Perspective. It's not enough to "see" a photo but to actually take the time to "capture" the photo in a unique way. I strive to do that every time I put my camera in my hand.

I was out on a walk the other day and on impulse grabbed my camera. Well, sort of on impulse. The truth is I had just snapped a bunch of photos of Stefanie with her hair in a bun on top of her head while she was laying in bed doing homework, looking less than gorgeous and I didn't want her to erase them. So really, I grabbed my camera so I could save these precious blackmail photos. Buuuutt, while out on my walk I begin to think about what I could blog about and some photos to put with the post. And it hit me. Sometimes a photo comes out so much better when you take a different perspective in snapping the photo. I purposely took some photos to be able to show you what I meant.

Simply, I mean just changing your angle. Sometimes you can turn a boring photo into an interesting one just by changing your shooting position.You can probably guess which photos are the straight on photos and which ones I changed my angle on. The tree is gorgeous but when I stood directly under it and looked up I really got to appreciate the blooms. The table display is nice but by changing my angle I was able to pop some texture into a photo that was less noticeable before.

The best thing is you don't need a fancy camera to do this. Pull your phone out and have a little fun changing your perspective on what would otherwise be an ordinary photo.

Happy Wednesday!


I Interrupt This Week...

...to bring you this adorable little fellow.

Who interrupts my week. Quite often.

I'm trying out some new blog storyboard layouts that I got from Brand Sushi. I think I like them lots. :)

Happy almost Wednesday!