Nick and Minuet::Married

Walking into the church you could feel the energy pulsating throughout the building. Smiles, laughter and joy were in abundance. That's about the best way to describe it--pure joy.

Minuet was surrounded by her girls in a room that Nick was forbidden to even look at. As they each got ready in their separate rooms, everyone knew it was so right that two such people would be spending the rest of their lives together. They had their church, friends and family behind them as they made their vows.

The ceremony was filled with laughter as Nick anxiously waited for his bride to walk down the aisle and as his pastor teased him mercilessly. Celebrated traditionally, the ceremony was beautiful.

Minuet and Nick~I am so happy for you two. Hope you're having a wonderful time in Vegas!!

Nicked loved being in front of the camera. Ahem...L-O-V-E-D! ;)

Minuet~you truly are beautiful inside and out.

Happy Tuesday!



She walked into Taco Bell and took a seat a table away from us.

Her cart full of personal items next to her and a cup of water.

We didn't pay her much heed as we stayed engaged in our conversation.

Mat got up to get a refill for his camel of a wife as I got up to leave.

The conversation went something like this:

Lady:Is that your husband?
Me: Yes it issss (I always drag out the last letter of my sentences)
Lady: You're lucky. He's a good man.
Me: He is a good man. He treats me really good (I got a B in English)
Lady: Yeah. He's good. I wish I could find me a good one like that.
Me: *smiling* You will one day
Lady: I hope I do. You've got a good guy there.
Me: I do my best to make him happy.
Lady: God bless you. I hope I find me one of those.
Me: Awww. *smiles* Have a good day!

Mat, guess what?

I'm lucky!



7 weeks.

That's all that's left.

Then our family of two+dog will be three+baby. :)

In general moments I do fine.

As long as I don't think about the fact that what's inside of me eventually has to come out and the method of delivery is one big quandary all by itself.

Or about the fact that we have yet to come up with a name.

Or about the fact that this kid apparently doesn't come with a manual.

Or about the fact that I'm still learning about being a good wife never mind a good mother.

Or about the fact that I still need to buy the cloth diapers I intend to use.

Or about the fact that my registry is incomplete, the shower stuff still has to be finished and there's still one more wedding before maternity leave starts.

So instead I think about how I can't wait to meet him.

Or how I'm going to turn into this Mamarazzi and the wallpaper in our home will feature him.

Or how much everyone loves him already.

Or how hot a dad Mat is going to make.

Or the bedtime stories and prayers and traditions we get to create with our new little family.

Or how he better like my dog.

All photos taken by J & M Photography.

Happy Thursday!


Rebecca & Anthony||San Juan Bautista Wedding

She showed up at her house with her hair done beautifully, ready to have her makeup done by her good friend Stacy. Her son waited, counting the minutes until it was time to get ready. Her family and bridesmaids begin to trickle in and out and a phone call from her love made her smile. It was her day. After being with Anthony since high school it was finally the day they would exchange vows. Once her makeup was done the day became a rush. From the house, to the Mission, take photos and head to the reception. But in the rush of the day, you could catch the smiles of the moms, the exchange of love between the bride and groom and the ecstasy of the son on his parent's wedding day.

Rebecca and Anthony, I am so happy for you! You make a beautiful couple and you both looked fabulous on your special day. I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon relaxing and enjoying just being together.


Many thanks to the new Mrs. Charity Ruiz for being my hero and second shooting with me.

Anthony lookin' fine.

Rawr. Rebecca, I knew you were going to make such a gorgeous bride.

This amazing Mariachi band showed up at the reception before dinner was served. They were wonderful.


Happy Wednesday!