She walked into Taco Bell and took a seat a table away from us.

Her cart full of personal items next to her and a cup of water.

We didn't pay her much heed as we stayed engaged in our conversation.

Mat got up to get a refill for his camel of a wife as I got up to leave.

The conversation went something like this:

Lady:Is that your husband?
Me: Yes it issss (I always drag out the last letter of my sentences)
Lady: You're lucky. He's a good man.
Me: He is a good man. He treats me really good (I got a B in English)
Lady: Yeah. He's good. I wish I could find me a good one like that.
Me: *smiling* You will one day
Lady: I hope I do. You've got a good guy there.
Me: I do my best to make him happy.
Lady: God bless you. I hope I find me one of those.
Me: Awww. *smiles* Have a good day!

Mat, guess what?

I'm lucky!


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