Sarah's Senior Shoot~Gilroy Senior Photographer

Meet the beautiful Sarah. Seriously. Beautiful. Oh, and tall. Tall not like me. We totally scored when we took a hike and saw a guy who let us borrow his horses for our shoot. (Thanks to Sarah for doing the asking because Deanna is still trying to get over the whole "my mom said not to talk to strangers" thing). When we were done she told me not to tell her mom and let the horses part be a surprise, so...surprise mom! :) We started off in downtown Morgan Hill where a bar owner (he owns my new favorite red wall) helped us out a bit before we headed up to the back of Morgan Hill. Got some great horse shots, cute water pictures and SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET field shots. Fun, fun, fun shoot. Enjoy our graduating senior!


S and L

These girls were SO much fun! They answered my casting call for Seniors and we had a blast and they were up for anything. I have WAY too many pictures and way too many favorites! :) So in the meantime enjoy a few of them. Thanks girls for all your help!! And a special thanks to Eric for coming along--I'll post some of his pics in a couple days!

ETA: It's not very often that I get the change to do the urban grunge processing that I love since most photos don't scream for it, but these did and they were sooo much fun to do this way. Enjoy!


Two guys and a lady

LOVE LOVE LOVE this family! Some of our greatest friends I was so happy that they asked me to shoot them and was bummed we didn't get a little more time. So from our mini session here's a peek at some of the outtakes (which I loved so much I had to post before putting some of the actual photos up**sheepish grin**)!

This is definitely not an outtake. M looks so cute here!


She's 6 months old!!

And adorably cute, smiley and is just gettin' ready to teeth! A 6 month old little miss C!