The Little Things

It's the daily messages on Facebook that say "I love you today."
The kiss on the cheek when you pass Mom in the hall.
Her nightly text message that says Good night, love you bunches.
It's the fresh chocolate chip cookies that Dad seems to be making weekly.
Or the way he takes a little time to play with two little girls who adore him.
The roll of the eyes I get from Stef because my hair or outfit looks atrocious.
Being able to shop with Denice and feel like a grown married woman.
The giant hugs I get from my mother in law.
The generous heart my father in law has for the boy he raised.
It's sleeping in a bed with two comforters and four pillows.
At least having a pair of boots for my feet even though they're fashionably shameful.
The groceries that sit in a refrigerator.
The wonderful people who make up our congregation.
The clients who become my friends.

For all these little things and more...I am thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hope you have safe and wonderful holiday!



I know, I know. It has been way too long since I've done a post, but its for a very good reason--I've been working like crazy to get my site up. The good news--IT'S DONE (for now) and I have to take my site down temporarily for a couple days to get it all set up, so please pardon my construction! I'll be back before Thanksgiving. See you soon! :)


I'll Take Two

Twice the fun.
Double the trouble.
Two peas in a pod.
Thing 1 and Thing 2.
One's green and one's blue.

Whatever you may call them, they're adorable. And they have wonderful parents. Jean contacted me to take photos of their 15 month old twins...and I never got the e-mail. **hangs head** But fortunately I was able to reconnect and I was lucky enough to photograph these two beautiful ladies and their parents. And it was a perfect hour spent hanging around their beautiful home and backyard. The girls hammed it up for the camera and had so much fun playing with their parents.

I am really loving the photojournalistic style of these photos and how everyone interacts in their natural habitat. Fred and Jean~ I was so glad for the second chance to capture these photos. Your hospitality was amazing and your girls are a barrel of laughs. Enjoy your sneak peek! =)


I Love You Today

It's something you'll find on our Facebook walls. Our daily mantra. Our little code for saying you're the best (even though you drive me nuts sometimes). Actually that's just for Mat, I know I never drive him nuts.

He adores my singing by never turning on the radio the second I start, lavishes praise on my mad cooking skills (he says I make the best quesadillas) and delights in the fact that his laundry is done every week. In the same way I applaud his diligence in scheduling his time properly (especially on Monday nights in the fall), appreciate how much he can absorb himself in a good book and how he can read ONE chapter from FOUR books at the same time (I tell you that's amazing), and I absolutely get a kick that he loves the carpet so much he shares food with it. We're a great team.

And there is no one I would rather be married to. As much as I'm a great cook and he has the quietest laugh in the world, he is the most amazing man in the world. I love his modern way of thinking, the way he treats me like a lady and yet is a great partner to my independent self. He's amazing. Simply amazing.

Mat, I love you today.


A New Mrs.

We lived at her house...practically. She lived at our house...practically. And she was the one we were saddest to leave 11 years ago when we left Oxnard to come to Gilroy. She was the one we played Barbies with, went to Junior Camp with, talked about boys with, took pictures at the mall with and enjoyed our primary lives with. If Kathryn was there so was Deanna and Denice. And if we were there, so was Kathryn. I love this girl and am so happy for childhood friend.

She was a gorgeous bride and her wedding day was just about perfect. The imperfect thing? Having to get up at 5:00 in the morning to do hair. Seriously, even the sun has better sense than the be up at that hour. But her day went without a hitch and I was so honored to be a part of it. Kathryn, I am so glad my friend is finally married. I love you tons and wish you every happiness in this new stage of your life. I wish we didn't live so far away and that we had more excuses and time to drive down to see you. You were a beautiful bride...and you're a stunning kisser. ;)