I'll Take Two

Twice the fun.
Double the trouble.
Two peas in a pod.
Thing 1 and Thing 2.
One's green and one's blue.

Whatever you may call them, they're adorable. And they have wonderful parents. Jean contacted me to take photos of their 15 month old twins...and I never got the e-mail. **hangs head** But fortunately I was able to reconnect and I was lucky enough to photograph these two beautiful ladies and their parents. And it was a perfect hour spent hanging around their beautiful home and backyard. The girls hammed it up for the camera and had so much fun playing with their parents.

I am really loving the photojournalistic style of these photos and how everyone interacts in their natural habitat. Fred and Jean~ I was so glad for the second chance to capture these photos. Your hospitality was amazing and your girls are a barrel of laughs. Enjoy your sneak peek! =)


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