Jessica and Shane::Gilroy Maternity

They have a whirlwind love. They like to be gushy in public, tell each other they're the best, prettiest and cutest. And.it.is.adorable. Jessica is beautiful preggo and is going to be a beautiful mother. Their baby will not lack for entertainment from his dad. Shane can keep you rolling. They talk excitedly about the clothes they bought, the hats that are oh-so-cute and the how they plan on raising their son.

I was so happy when I got the opportunity to shoot their maternity photos, especially since Baby T seems a bit determined to make his entrance early. I can't wait to meet him!

Jess and Shane, I had so much fun and thank you for a yummy, yummy dinner!


Happy Wednesday!


Jack and Pouf

Last week I had the "opportunity" to doggy-sit Denice (my seester) and Phil's (her permanent sidekick) animal. If I were to try and describe Jack I'd probably have to describe him as so dumb that he's smart. Unlike my dog. Who's so smart she's a bit rude. But you know, there might be a bit of bias on my side.

Jack is nice. Pouf is a snob.
Jack likes to play. Pouf doesn't know how to play.
Jack whines. Pouf sits quietly.
Jack runs. Pouf walks.
Jack loves water. Pouf drinks it out of necessity.
Jacks eats like a normal dog. Pouf...well she's starting to live up to her name.

Case in point:

Happy Wednesday!



I have an itch. It's pretty much incurable. I want a new lens. And a new camera body. And a new computer. And a new cell phone. And...well...anyhow. I also want to be normal sized again.

Today I was took a walk and decided to bring my camera along. Which I never do. But I had been inside all day watching the Escalate Conference (which was AMAZING), and had to get out. I snapped pictures of Stef and Pouf walking side by side, the lovely trees, my dog...well she was busy for a sec. On the way back I remembered I had heard about a trick of flipping your lens around on your camera body to get some macro shots. I had to try, because of course, I *NEED* a macro lens. I loved doing these. Except for the whole suffocating while I bend over to try and focus part. :)

Happy Monday!



They aren't filled with deep profound thoughts and don't consist of radical world changing ideas. If you sat with us you'd probably find a quick exit from boredom. That's okay, we'll just talk about you when you're gone. :)

I love having conversations with Mat. I learn more about him each time I do. We dream together, live in an ideal world and play devil's advocate to the ideal world we fantasize about. We think about the day we'll be debt free, decided that our offspring will know how to do laundry by the time they're 11, balance a checkbook by the time they're 15, and learn to how to spend, save and give. We talk about books we want to read and movies we want to see. I know, I know. Our charisma excites you. But this is our marriage. I'm investing in it because I know it'll have great returns. Mat reminded me that before he was even the man behind the bump, it was just us and that we need to always come back to being us. The kid is an addition to us.

I love us.


New Site...Again

You're always changing your site! So said my 18 year old sister. Um. No. I'm not. Obviously. That's why I created this one. Because I hadn't changed it in a long time. Duh, Stef. I love my new site. More than the site before it, and the site before that and the ones before that. Always changing my site. Pffftttgh!

If you are looking for a fabulous website company Show-it Sites is the best place to put your money! I won a year subscription with them but when its over I plan on staying with them. You can check out my whole site right in this post or click the link below to go to my actual site.


Be Distinct!



I've been wanting to purchase Show-it Slideshows for a while since I use Show-it for my website (which is currently being updated with fresh content and a fresh look, and I'm jumping up and down in my skin wanting it to be done...ack!! Okay, now back to my regularly scheduled in control self). I finally got it (ahem, I love sales) and have been playing with it ever since. And I'm in love. The slideshows are beautiful and I've totally had so much fun! Here are a couple of sessions I did recently.

Mari~she did a just because session celebrating her life. It was so much fun and EVERY woman should do a session just for themselves.

Emily~graduating this year from high school these are her senior pictures. She's beautiful!

Each slideshow will now be posted with each session but I must keep playing and make one for everybody! :) Talk to you in another month when I'm done! Kidding, although I do slap myself for being a bad blogger. Bad llama.