I have an itch. It's pretty much incurable. I want a new lens. And a new camera body. And a new computer. And a new cell phone. And...well...anyhow. I also want to be normal sized again.

Today I was took a walk and decided to bring my camera along. Which I never do. But I had been inside all day watching the Escalate Conference (which was AMAZING), and had to get out. I snapped pictures of Stef and Pouf walking side by side, the lovely trees, my dog...well she was busy for a sec. On the way back I remembered I had heard about a trick of flipping your lens around on your camera body to get some macro shots. I had to try, because of course, I *NEED* a macro lens. I loved doing these. Except for the whole suffocating while I bend over to try and focus part. :)

Happy Monday!


  1. This post had me giggling..then again you have a great sense of humor and every post has me giggling. The *needs* sound a lot like my needs.. you are doing amazing things with your camera and lenses... Be patient. I know easier said than done. : ) And the whole not being able to breathe while preggers and being normal sized again..I will not comment. You are a life factory right now..pretty crazy stuff! I had two..so I can toally relate on all levels. Keep making us smile..and so sorry about the terrible itches!


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