They aren't filled with deep profound thoughts and don't consist of radical world changing ideas. If you sat with us you'd probably find a quick exit from boredom. That's okay, we'll just talk about you when you're gone. :)

I love having conversations with Mat. I learn more about him each time I do. We dream together, live in an ideal world and play devil's advocate to the ideal world we fantasize about. We think about the day we'll be debt free, decided that our offspring will know how to do laundry by the time they're 11, balance a checkbook by the time they're 15, and learn to how to spend, save and give. We talk about books we want to read and movies we want to see. I know, I know. Our charisma excites you. But this is our marriage. I'm investing in it because I know it'll have great returns. Mat reminded me that before he was even the man behind the bump, it was just us and that we need to always come back to being us. The kid is an addition to us.

I love us.


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