Eye Joints and Carrot Juice

When I saw it sitting in the fridge I had a fifteen year flashback. My flashback included a juicer, oodles of carrots and eczema. I had really bad eczema when I was a kid. If I had a joint, the dry skin sat in its crevices: elbow joints, knee joints, hip joints, neck and eye joints...don't hate, I make up my own joints. It was bad. Out of desperation my parents took me to the doctor and eventually the dermatologist. The dermatologist was a lifesaver. The doctor on the other hand should just send everyone to the dermatologist--they had the bright idea that carrot juice had properties that helped the skin. Um, ew. So, enthusiastically, my now nature loving organic dad went out and got a juicer and carrots. The one thing the doctor said was that my skin may turn orange after about a week of carrot juice. He should have never said it in front of me. God bless me and my vanity, I think I drank a total of 5 glasses of carrot juice over a two week period. It was deeeeessssggusting! And I swore it off for the rest of my life. Until today. Today I braved death to try carrot juice again--being a vegetarian I figured it was very vegetarianish to do and I should probably like it. Yes, this is how my mind thinks. Whatever--it worked. It wasn't bad! I didn't die and even though it doesn't taste bad I probably will keep it light. I mean, who (other than these strange women who haven't figured out their tanner is old)wants orange skin?!?

Happy Wednesday!


Dumbfounded Happy Idiots

We both stood there, well actually I was laying down, and grinned. And grinned and grinned and grinned. I felt like a kid in a candy store who had just been promised one of everything. The magic wand moved over my belly and this tiny humanoid popped up on the screen! Mat and I stared in wonder at the black and white images happening before our eyes. His heart beat, his toesies, his lumpy head, his spinal cord and ...whoah... it's definitely a HIM! The technician, who had been there for forty four years (!!) made us laugh--I can actually say I know what a belly laugh looks like on the inside. It was amazing. When Mat got the print out of our photos he happily left the office without his book, his note taker and me. Ummm...dude...you forgot something!

When we got in the car I looked at the printouts given us and started to cry. This little human is ours. Mine. Ours. I couldn't help the wave of love that came over me. My own little love. He's mine and I can't wait till he's a part of our world.

Happy Tuesday!


Sarah::Class of 2010

I love San Juan Bautista. All the nooks, crannies, the mission, downtown--I think I may have to move. Come to think of it, I did see an apartment there for rent...yes, I think I've definitely made up my mind to move. I'll let you know how that goes. :)

I was thrilled when Sarah chose to do her senior portraits in San Juan. Isn't she the cutest? I wish I was tall. Sarah is one of Emily's best friends and I'm incredibly grateful for the referral. Thank you Emily! And as nervous as Sarah was to do the shoot, I think she rocked it. Better than I did anyhow--I was giving her posing ideas and when I went to do a "modest squat" I totally fell backwards falling off the curb and landing on the ground. I'm afraid I may have flashed more than was intended...so much for the modesty end of things. My ego decided to check out at that point and only returned this morning.

Sarah~you were fabulous and it was so nice to meet you. Good luck in college, your future missions trips and your graduating year!

Sarah dear, you're sitting in front of my future apartment (*whispers*but feel free to come and visit anytime) ;)

What's a girl without her friends? They all came along for moral support--don't you love this?!



Nicholas::Morgan Hill Newborn Photography

He showed up a week earlier than scheduled--soooo...so did I. Armed with blankets, a bean bag, baskets, a hardwood floor and beanies (most of which didn't get used) I came all ready to meet the newest member of Amy's family. And promptly fell head over heels for the little guy. He weighed a tiny seven pounds and was way too cute for words. You just kind of looked at him and sighed. He's a little close to perfect.

Newborn sessions are always a lot of work and require tons of patience. After two feedings and three tiny bladder incidences, we finally got him asleep enough to take his photos. After that he trooped along smoothly. I love that I got the opportunity to take his photos--newborn sessions are one of my favorite sessions to do. To say that I'm now wishing for my baby to be here would be an understatement!

I played around with some vintage processing for these photos and I think I really like them. I love classic but couldn't resist posting these. Needless to say I've been playing with these photos for hours because I can't help myself and the endless possibilities.

Jeff and Amy~congratulations on a beautiful baby. I kind of just go on and on about how cute he is--I can't help it. :)Enjoy!

Happy Tuesday! *gasp*--it's pizza day! YAY!! :)


Spring Mini Sessions::Gilroy Photographer

The clouds hung on for dear life, unwilling to move. They gave a beautiful diffused light and I resigned myself to not having any sun. Then on my way to Anderson Park, every cloud decided that they too were tired of being around (I'm the other one that is soooo tired of having clouds around. Once the sun popped out the most gorgeous light filled the earth...ha...how's that for whimsical. :) But really, it was beautiful. And so the sessions began and I had so much fun doing the first ever mini sessions! I had actually tried to do mini sessions before but had no bites when I put it out there. Now, I think I may have to do them every season. They are the perfect amount of camera time for the kiddos--well at least for anyone under the age of 13. :)

I really wish I could convey how happy these sessions made me. I luurrved them so much and all the different personalities that popped out of each little person. Here's a peek from Saturday. Ah...I love spring!!

Happy Wednesday!


Where Was I?

The other day {which is Deanna speak for yesterday} my life just kind of hit me. Apparently I've been married for more than 5 years and we're starting a family. This is crazy. Can somebody please tell me where was I when all this happened? Because I know that just yesterday I woke up and all this *spreads arms out all around* is now my life. To say we're a little overwhelmed, stressed and looking forward to things to come would be an understatement. Scratch that. Mat.is.STRESSING.out! Poor guy. I'm going to have to get him into massage therapy or something. But really, pray for the poor man. I think he may end up developing some serious chocolate addictions which might challenge his masculine side. Or I may have to share my chocolate and that just might send ME over the edge. No, no, no that just will not do. Perhaps we should just take a hint from Pouf. She likes to pretend she has no clue that changes are happening.

Happy Thursday!