Spring Mini Sessions::Gilroy Photographer

The clouds hung on for dear life, unwilling to move. They gave a beautiful diffused light and I resigned myself to not having any sun. Then on my way to Anderson Park, every cloud decided that they too were tired of being around (I'm the other one that is soooo tired of having clouds around. Once the sun popped out the most gorgeous light filled the earth...ha...how's that for whimsical. :) But really, it was beautiful. And so the sessions began and I had so much fun doing the first ever mini sessions! I had actually tried to do mini sessions before but had no bites when I put it out there. Now, I think I may have to do them every season. They are the perfect amount of camera time for the kiddos--well at least for anyone under the age of 13. :)

I really wish I could convey how happy these sessions made me. I luurrved them so much and all the different personalities that popped out of each little person. Here's a peek from Saturday. Ah...I love spring!!

Happy Wednesday!


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