Nicholas::Morgan Hill Newborn Photography

He showed up a week earlier than scheduled--soooo...so did I. Armed with blankets, a bean bag, baskets, a hardwood floor and beanies (most of which didn't get used) I came all ready to meet the newest member of Amy's family. And promptly fell head over heels for the little guy. He weighed a tiny seven pounds and was way too cute for words. You just kind of looked at him and sighed. He's a little close to perfect.

Newborn sessions are always a lot of work and require tons of patience. After two feedings and three tiny bladder incidences, we finally got him asleep enough to take his photos. After that he trooped along smoothly. I love that I got the opportunity to take his photos--newborn sessions are one of my favorite sessions to do. To say that I'm now wishing for my baby to be here would be an understatement!

I played around with some vintage processing for these photos and I think I really like them. I love classic but couldn't resist posting these. Needless to say I've been playing with these photos for hours because I can't help myself and the endless possibilities.

Jeff and Amy~congratulations on a beautiful baby. I kind of just go on and on about how cute he is--I can't help it. :)Enjoy!

Happy Tuesday! *gasp*--it's pizza day! YAY!! :)


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