I am so not ready for winter. I raise my voice proudly in this confession ready for the verbal abuse I'm about to receive from my winter loving sisters. There is a reason I feel this yeah, oh yes-there-is. *Whispering* I'm still in love with my favorite Madden Girl sandals and cannot bear the thought of having to put them away for the winter. It's pathetic, I know. But they've been everywhere with me this summer and I finally got them to mold to my feet (okay, fine, they molded right away but whatevah). They went with me to Camp Meeting when I took photos of Josh, I think they've been along on every other shoot I've had this summer, they traveled with me to Denice's wedding rehearsal and traveled south with me when I went to see Kristin and Kathryn. They aren't grand sandals (in fact they're quite worn now) but I love them. I loved them even more when Denice got a pair because that meant I had them first! I can't stand the thought of having to shop for boots for the winter and isolate my toes.


I can't bring myself to resign to the fact that the leaves are turning brown, the sun is setting sooner and the weather is becoming colder. I am in a total state of denial.


Nicole::Gilroy Senior Photographer

She's stunning. Truly stunning. And I was flattered that they asked me to take her photos. The light was perfect in San Juan and we had a great time. Nicole is so easy to take photos of and after the first round of edits I had SO many to choose from. And there are still more than what is below, but these are my absolute faves! Nicole came with a myriad of outfits, gloves, shoes, and hats. All of which were fabulous! I get so happy when my clients get creative with their outfits and bring props.

Congrats Nicole on your senior year, I am so very proud of you! Happy college wishes for you!! Hugs!


100 Days

Wasn't it only last week that I got to photograph this cutie for his newborn shoot? I was flattered to be invited to shoot his 100 day birthday party, a common Chinese tradition in which he makes the transition to adult food. It was a wonderfully intimate party and a beautiful celebration. These are just a few from the day. Enjoy!!


Like it was Yesterday

We had to have been about 14 or 15--because we were still riding bikes. And we rode everywhere, downtown, at the parks, delivering papers for The Dispatch. Everywhere. But this one particular day we ended up riding our bikes to Togo's to get some yummy food. And when we walked out we saw him. He was sitting there with all his worldly possessions around him. Living day to day without a place to call home. We looked over at him and smiled a greeting. Then she turned to me and asked, "Should I get him a sandwich?" Ashamedly I admit that the first thing to go through my head was that five dollars was a lot to give away, but that it wasn't my money. So I shrug/nodded and replied with a passive if you want. So she did. She turned right back around, walked humbly to the counter and ordered him a sandwich. When she handed it to him, his surprise and thankfulness escaped no one. I stood there open mouthed, ashamed at being so selfish and amazed at her thoughtfulness. "That was SO nice of you," I told her. She smiled and asked in all innocence asked as though I was giving her the biggest compliment, "Really?? Awww, thanks."

And she's still the same Jamie. With just a pretty a heart and just as beautiful on the outside. Here are a few shots from our concept shoot in Sausalito. I met 6 other wonderful photographers from the Bay Area and we had a fabulous time. Jamie and Soheil so willingly modeled for us and were stinkin' HOT!

She may not remember the sandwich, the homeless man or the impression she made on me that day. But I do. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Jamie and Soheil, enjoy your sneak peek, you're both beautiful!

She is one lucky lady!

Seriously?!? Can she be any more stunning??

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Adorableness Comes in Twos

Okay, adorableness is totally my own word. =) I had the greatest opportunity to take photos of Vanessa and her beautiful family this past weekend and had such a good time. Seriously, the world needs more boys. Especially when they're THIS cute! Just a fabulous looking family all the way around (tell me the only lady in these photos isn't gorgeous!!). Vanessa and Patrick, I was so happy to be able to take your photos and am adoring your boys more each time I go through the photos. Enjoy your sneak peek!


Engagement Session Giveaway::Gilroy Wedding

I love engagement sessions! They are so much fun, all of the hugging, kissing and loving! Hey I think I just wrote a song!=) Okay, bad joke but I'll make it up to you--I'm doing a giveaway involving an e-session. Read on for more details about how to enter, the rules and regulations!

...Entering is as easy as leaving a comment! But not just any comment, a BRAGGING comment. What's the best thing about this person you're marrying? Tell me, tell me. Make me laugh, cry and feel like I HAVE to pick you. The best bragger wins. Simple as that.
...If you're entering for someone else, tell me why they deserve a free e-session. As with above, make it GOOD!

As with all giveaways, there are a bit of rules and regs:
1. The couple must be a true engaged couple. :)
2. Wedding must be happening before May 1, 2010
3. You MUST love to have fun! =)

1. Travel: The session is still free but travel fees will apply 45 miles outside of the 95020 zip code
2. This is not a wedding package giveaway. This is for an engagement session only, however you won't regret going with Urban Rose for your wedding also!
3. There is no cash value associated with this prize. If you forfeit the giveaway it will go to someone else.
4. You agree to having your images used in marketing and general promotions at my discretion (but as always your own private information remains just that...private).