Nicole::Gilroy Senior Photographer

She's stunning. Truly stunning. And I was flattered that they asked me to take her photos. The light was perfect in San Juan and we had a great time. Nicole is so easy to take photos of and after the first round of edits I had SO many to choose from. And there are still more than what is below, but these are my absolute faves! Nicole came with a myriad of outfits, gloves, shoes, and hats. All of which were fabulous! I get so happy when my clients get creative with their outfits and bring props.

Congrats Nicole on your senior year, I am so very proud of you! Happy college wishes for you!! Hugs!


  1. I love these photos! Beautiful capturing of the venue too! :)

  2. These are great! She has such a unique style, it's nice seeing a senior like that!


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