Like it was Yesterday

We had to have been about 14 or 15--because we were still riding bikes. And we rode everywhere, downtown, at the parks, delivering papers for The Dispatch. Everywhere. But this one particular day we ended up riding our bikes to Togo's to get some yummy food. And when we walked out we saw him. He was sitting there with all his worldly possessions around him. Living day to day without a place to call home. We looked over at him and smiled a greeting. Then she turned to me and asked, "Should I get him a sandwich?" Ashamedly I admit that the first thing to go through my head was that five dollars was a lot to give away, but that it wasn't my money. So I shrug/nodded and replied with a passive if you want. So she did. She turned right back around, walked humbly to the counter and ordered him a sandwich. When she handed it to him, his surprise and thankfulness escaped no one. I stood there open mouthed, ashamed at being so selfish and amazed at her thoughtfulness. "That was SO nice of you," I told her. She smiled and asked in all innocence asked as though I was giving her the biggest compliment, "Really?? Awww, thanks."

And she's still the same Jamie. With just a pretty a heart and just as beautiful on the outside. Here are a few shots from our concept shoot in Sausalito. I met 6 other wonderful photographers from the Bay Area and we had a fabulous time. Jamie and Soheil so willingly modeled for us and were stinkin' HOT!

She may not remember the sandwich, the homeless man or the impression she made on me that day. But I do. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Jamie and Soheil, enjoy your sneak peek, you're both beautiful!

She is one lucky lady!

Seriously?!? Can she be any more stunning??

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Deanna!!
    You brought back so many memories and even tears to my eyes. The blog was so touching..Thank you love!
    And I absolutely adore each photo. I cant wait to post all the pictures for everyone to see your talent.

    P.S. You're right I'm the same Jamie I just realized it after reading your blog. About a week ago I saw a man sitting outside of 711 near our house with his kitten and life in his cart {my heart sank} I went straight inside and bought the kitty salmon in a can. (hehe) He was SO thankful. Soheil on the other hand kept it real and offered him a beverage. lol


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