Jordan {Senior Session}

Senior session are one of my favorite kinds of sessions to do and I don't very often get to shoot guys. So, I was thrilled to get the chance to shoot Jordan's senior photos. We got some great shots at the ranch (I luurve shooting here!) which is an amazing location. I got to shoot Emily's senior session here and was so happy to go back.

Jordan happily showed off his mad basketball moves, modeled like a pro and donned all his gear for airsoft shooting for the camera. Airsofting? Airsoft gunning? Air soft? Why, yes, the air is soft. I will now retreat to the hole I currently live in.

The light was amazing and fall showed all her true colors and beauty. Jordan, congratulations on your senior year! I can't wait to see where your future takes you!!

This guy has such a handsome side profile and I am loving the orchard trees here.

Pretty sure this gun was loaded. Pretty sure I took this picture with my hand over my head and my eyes shut.

Happy Wednesday!



Tomorrow he's 3 months old. I never thought I could love anyone so much. It's cliche, I know. But so, so true.

He has become so alive. He talks his coo talk. He makes himself screech laugh when he's laying by himself. He tries to lift himself up to a sitting up position when he's laying down. He frustrates himself because he can't do it. He loves to sit up in a sitting position for minutes and minutes with a little help. Pillows are no help, hence the reason my laundry isn't done. He likes to stand up and dance. He converses with you if you talk to him. He's used to getting talked to all day. He won't cry if you change his diaper if he's fed. He sleeps four hours at night, will wake up for a feeding and then go right back to sleep. Bless him. Forever. He will sit and watch a book while you read it. I need to pull out different books. Baby chickens, caterpillars and building a doghouse for Henry are getting a little old. :)

I wouldn't trade a day. The lessons my mom has taught me. The love and patience Mat has had for me. The way Cash has taught me to be selfless.

I love him. He's amazing. Watching him grow everyday and see his senses develop in new way fascinates me. Every.Single.Day.

Happy Friday!


Kidwell Family {Family Session}

They leave an impression on you when you meet them. You walk away saying to yourself they are some of the nicest people. You tell others have you met Jason and Melissa? They are sooo nice. Well, I did at least. And it is so true. Jason, Melissa and their beautiful daughter, whom they so affectionately call, T.T. or Tiny. Jason and Melissa are local photographers and did my maternity photos some time back in June. In return I was lucky enough to get to take their family photos. We had such a good time. Mat, Cash and Pouf came along and TT LOVED Pouf. Pouf was oh so accommodating in her snobberish kind of way. {I totally just made up a word}

The light was gorgeous while we were out.

Can I just say how much I love this picture of them?

I heart this little family.

Ladies and Gentlemen: J&M Photography--well, the photographers. Aren't they such a good looking couple?

Melissa~you're beautiful. Really.

And we'll end with this. She had me cracking up. One day I'll post the outtakes of her. :)

Happy Thursday!


Jordyn {Newborn Session}

Okay. I need to have a girl. I love my little guy--just the whole tutu and flower headband thing wouldn't look good on him. I tried. ;)

This little beauty is the daughter of a former high school schoolmate. Doesn't she look so peaceful? She made us work for these photos. She was so alert and did not want to sleep no matter how warm the blanket or how tight the swaddle. But one thing for sure, she was worth it. I am loving these newborn photos. Isn't her mommy beautiful??

Congrats Lindsay and Justin~I can't wait to see her grow prettier every day!!

Happy Wednesday!



Having a baby changes you.

I have this inner need to be domestic. For the first time in my life I WANT to clean my room, do my laundry and scour the bathroom. I WANT to cook fancy meals and be in bed by eight with a good book and go to sleep at nine. I WANT TO.


Eh. Who am I kidding. I need to do the above but want to be sitting down in front of a sewing machine practicing my mad sewing skills. I want to be shooting a wedding and capturing loveliness. I want to be making skirts and headbands for the NEXT child. :) (Because with my next child I'm SURE I'll have this balance of time thing down! ha.)

My sister got a sewing machine for her birthday and I am in awe of her passion to sew. So, I joined her. And then we went to LA to go to the Garment District. I think she's still there. I haven't seen her since. But in the spirit of the trip I made my little cousins whom we get to see about 3 times a year some sweaters for the winter. I loved the way they turned out. And to prove how secure I am about these I am going to leave them web size...so you can't see the flaws. Just believe they're perfect. :) I actually really hope to learn and become better. I've seen a couple tutorials for these and so had to try. For some "name brand" gorgeous sweaters Evy's Tree sells them and they're beautiful. You must buy one for a shoot!

But these. I made these with love. And they make me feel...domestic.
*excuse the photo quality--it was 6:45 and I don't function well at that time. Neither does my flash*

Off to clean the bathroom. Happy Monday!!