Tomorrow he's 3 months old. I never thought I could love anyone so much. It's cliche, I know. But so, so true.

He has become so alive. He talks his coo talk. He makes himself screech laugh when he's laying by himself. He tries to lift himself up to a sitting up position when he's laying down. He frustrates himself because he can't do it. He loves to sit up in a sitting position for minutes and minutes with a little help. Pillows are no help, hence the reason my laundry isn't done. He likes to stand up and dance. He converses with you if you talk to him. He's used to getting talked to all day. He won't cry if you change his diaper if he's fed. He sleeps four hours at night, will wake up for a feeding and then go right back to sleep. Bless him. Forever. He will sit and watch a book while you read it. I need to pull out different books. Baby chickens, caterpillars and building a doghouse for Henry are getting a little old. :)

I wouldn't trade a day. The lessons my mom has taught me. The love and patience Mat has had for me. The way Cash has taught me to be selfless.

I love him. He's amazing. Watching him grow everyday and see his senses develop in new way fascinates me. Every.Single.Day.

Happy Friday!


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