Having a baby changes you.

I have this inner need to be domestic. For the first time in my life I WANT to clean my room, do my laundry and scour the bathroom. I WANT to cook fancy meals and be in bed by eight with a good book and go to sleep at nine. I WANT TO.


Eh. Who am I kidding. I need to do the above but want to be sitting down in front of a sewing machine practicing my mad sewing skills. I want to be shooting a wedding and capturing loveliness. I want to be making skirts and headbands for the NEXT child. :) (Because with my next child I'm SURE I'll have this balance of time thing down! ha.)

My sister got a sewing machine for her birthday and I am in awe of her passion to sew. So, I joined her. And then we went to LA to go to the Garment District. I think she's still there. I haven't seen her since. But in the spirit of the trip I made my little cousins whom we get to see about 3 times a year some sweaters for the winter. I loved the way they turned out. And to prove how secure I am about these I am going to leave them web size...so you can't see the flaws. Just believe they're perfect. :) I actually really hope to learn and become better. I've seen a couple tutorials for these and so had to try. For some "name brand" gorgeous sweaters Evy's Tree sells them and they're beautiful. You must buy one for a shoot!

But these. I made these with love. And they make me feel...domestic.
*excuse the photo quality--it was 6:45 and I don't function well at that time. Neither does my flash*

Off to clean the bathroom. Happy Monday!!


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