Holiday Mini Sessions

Thanksgiving. Christmas. Family. Fun. Laughter. FOOD! oOoOoOHHHH foooood!

Mini Sessions.

The perfect way to spend half an hour with your loves.

You'll see I'm offering two kinds of mini sessions this time around. The one for couples is two fold. A really great price because I know what it's like to be a couple and have a lot of other things to spend money on other than photos. I wish Mat and I had had more of an opportunity to have our pictures taken when we were still newly weds. I'm also trying to build up more of couples portfolio and thought this the perfect way! So grab your significant other and book your spot now!

The second option is for your family. Or 5 random people you may or may not know. Whichever is your prerogative. I recommend knowing them, but hey...totally up to you.
Bring your family, your style and awesomeness.


I will have 4 time slots open on each day in each location. It's getting dark really early now...which mean winter is finally coming!! I love me some holidays and all the food goodness.

November 13
Morgan Hill: 2pm, 245pm, 330pm and 4pm
Exact location: TBD

December 4 (after the time change)
San Jose: 2pm, 245pm, 330pm and 4pm
Exact location: TBD

Within a week and half of your session, your photos will be up in a gallery for you to browse through your awesomeness.

This will be the last time Mini Sessions are offered for a while, so take advantage!

CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR SESSION or email me at deanna@urbanrosephotography.com.

Have an AMAZING weekend!


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