Who's Watching YOU???

Today as part of a school assignment I started (one day I'll finish it...) the movie nineteen eighty four. I'd never even heard about it and as it started it kind of reminded me of that movie the island. Anyhow along those same lines we were supposed to create a canvas montage of the same concept. Someone always watching, observing and taking inventory of other people. Like, not to be creepy, but who's staring at you through your window, is there really someone behind you when you're going upstairs in the dark and what lives under your bed. THAT sort of thing. Although it could be as innocent as watching a humorous robbery gone wrong etc. Stef (I have the best sister ever) was too kind to volunteer some time of her busy life and create a story for me to photography--while in the closet peeking through. This is what I came up with below. I'm telling you, for the money I spent on this 20x20 board I'd better get an A! =) Happy Thursday!


Honored to be on the Journey:Gilroy Photographer

Sometimes I don't realize how fortunate I am to be able to pursue photography the way that I am able to. I am SUPER blessed to have a great husband who fully supports, shares my frustrations and celebrates in my victories with me. I feel privileged to have done the work so far that I have been allowed to do and that people would trust me to take their photographs. So to everyone, thank you! And I do hope you'll continue on with me as I continue to grow my business.

Oh~and I guess I can't forget my animal. Love my animal. She is such a great model!! hehe


Junior & Rosa~Engaged! Gilroy Wedding Photographer

I have known Junior and Rosa for a while and was flattered when they asked me to shoot their wedding~more because I haven't broken "into the market" yet and have yet to think of myself as a wedding photographer. Ask me how I'm feeling at the end of the year though. Anyhow, back to J & R (get it...j & r...junior...okay so I'm not the best jokester), with their wedding package came an engagement session. Here's the clencher--THEY'RE GETTING MARRIED IN TWO WEEKS!! Yep, that's right. Crazy people. ;) I rented the 85mm lens from the wonderful people at BorrowLenses.com for this shoot because I'm contemplating buying it~it's a great little (big) lens. Anyhow, enough rambling--here's a peek at their session in Walnut Creek. Enjoy!

I LOVE their smiles in this one!

This is one of my favs~the emotion on both of their faces!
She's going to make a beautiful bride, is she not? And her teeth really are that white!

This one deserved unique processing.
This is their son. Naw, I'm just kidding--this is the guy who has so kindly sacrificed his life, friends and family to be their chaperone. He deserved a picture--he does have amazing eyes.


Jen~Maternity Session:Gilroy Maternity Photography

This last Saturday I got the chance to work with a great couple named Jen & Nick. Totally mellow, the session went like a breeze. Doesn't Jen look fabulous?! They are keeping the sex of their baby a suprise which I think is totally brave and so cool. Here's a few from their session. She's due in May so keep an eye out for what Baby T will be~I'm so excited to be able to do their newborn session also! See you in May!