Who's Watching YOU???

Today as part of a school assignment I started (one day I'll finish it...) the movie nineteen eighty four. I'd never even heard about it and as it started it kind of reminded me of that movie the island. Anyhow along those same lines we were supposed to create a canvas montage of the same concept. Someone always watching, observing and taking inventory of other people. Like, not to be creepy, but who's staring at you through your window, is there really someone behind you when you're going upstairs in the dark and what lives under your bed. THAT sort of thing. Although it could be as innocent as watching a humorous robbery gone wrong etc. Stef (I have the best sister ever) was too kind to volunteer some time of her busy life and create a story for me to photography--while in the closet peeking through. This is what I came up with below. I'm telling you, for the money I spent on this 20x20 board I'd better get an A! =) Happy Thursday!


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