One year ago tomorrow we discovered we were pregnant. I can remember last year thinking how long the year was going to be as we waited for our first kiddo to make his appearance. Today as I type one handed because my other hand is in his 4 month old mouth, I realize how fast this year went by. I think about the times I spent stressed over having a little one who was going to be depending on me. Living on the couch the last few weeks of pregnancy because my bed was just too uncomfortable. The many, many tears I cried at being so overwhelmed by the newness of someone who only communicated by crying. The joy as his first real smile and watching him learn to hold himself up or jump up and down in his swing. And the million things on my to do list that never quite get crossed off. I've never known this kind of love and life is so beautiful.

Thank you to everyone for all the love and support you gave me either by text message, Facebook or having your photos done. I could not have made it through the year without you. Mat, my little chub and I thank you. Truly.

I'm really looking forward to growing in 2010. As a wife, mother and photographer. I look forward to serving God better and making myself available for what He has in store for my life.

Here's a look back at this past year:

This was the slideshow we played at Cash's baby dedication in November. The lyrics express so perfectly the kind of mommy I want to be.

And Pouf my love. She has been so impatiently patient while I pull my new life back together. She's my girl.

I hope everyone has the happiest of New Years! See you in 2011.


Cash, My New Logo and Life

Life has been crazy busy in my little corner of the world. Mostly because of this little guy:

His 4 month stats: 19.3 lbs and 25" tall. He's a chub. A chub who can sit by himself for about a minute before falling over and has 3 teeth. 3. I'm telling you, he's going to go through puberty when he's four years old. I just know it. And he'll be shaving by the time he's 7.

He's mainly what keeps me from posting all the pics I so badly want to share. When he's sleeping and I'm not doing laundry, cleaning or trying to shower I try to get some work done and am also working on re-branding. You can see I've made some changes to my blog. Mainly the look and my logo. I LOVE MY NEW LOGO!! Love it, love it, love it. So much that I don't plan on changing it anytime soon.

I will discuss this all in another post. I'm finishing my last shoots of the year first and trying to get a post with those photos as fast as I can.

Here's a peek at a post coming up (hopefully before the year ends!!):

I hope everyone had the merriest Christmas and a fabulous New Year. I truly am so excited about 2011!


Winter 2010 {Mini Sessions}

Saturdays are my favorite days. I get to sleep in, hang out with my kid, keep up with my friends on Facebook...oh, wait. Ha! That's my everyday. My bad. This last Saturday was a favorite day because I got to work!! Yes--how many people get to say that?! :) I love my work. I got to shoot 4 amazing families at a GORGEOUS garden in San Jose (thank you Rebecca for suggesting it!) and ended the day with a good girlfriend at Baja Fresh and the outlets. Kid? What kid? I kid, I kid. I love my kid. I also like the word kid. But that day, I forgot to kiss my kid goodbye. Epic fail on mommy.

...I have been up WAY too late the past couple of nights. Mat's shift at work starts at 2AM and so he is up by 1230 and out the door by 1. Me, I figure why sleep? Sleep is for sissies. I love sissies.

On Saturday I had a full afternoon of mini sessions. We all met at the Japanese Friendship Gardens in San Jose. Seriously gorgeous. The only thing that made it better were the people who were there. Check out the beautiful families below.

I really am humbled when I get repeat business. I find myself flattered at the thought that anyone would give me a second and third chance to shoot their family. Such is the case with the next two families. Oh, and if you need a good preacher--I volunteer them. ;)

Aimee and Samuel and their kaboodle. Love them!

Love this next family. Amber was three months pregnant with their daughter the last time I shot their whole family. Their daughter--she turned a year old on Saturday. Their son--he does so well to put up with my three times now. :)

This family lives in my same town and drove out to San Jose for their photos. Dorothy has the prettiest accent and makes me just want to say y'all and bless your heart. Don and Dorothy's kiddos were so cute. Full of energy, spice and their baby is only two days older than Cash! Don loves them all in a most obvious way.

My friends. I love that I can call them friends. We're um, ahem, preacher's kids together so if you see us teepeeing someone's house in the rain...we're PK's. It's what we do. ;) Aren't they a fabulous couple?

Thank you each of you for taking hours out of your day for a half hour photo shoot. I had such a good time and was so happy to see each of you.

Happy Tuesday!


A Thousand Words

My new favorite photo. No words, just a million thoughts.