Project 52 | SIXTEEN

You guys make me laugh. I love to see you share and think its one of the most important things you can learn as a child. I refuse to have children that won't share with others. Anyhow, that's a bit off topic. This night was one of the first summer nights and it was so good to see you outside, playing dinosaur with you and learning to be the best dinosaur driver. Everything we play is related to dinosaurs. Even the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears is currently Cash and the Three T-Rexes. You should know that your dad and I are working hard so that I can be home with you guys more often. Then we can play with nothing on the agenda...except to play.


Project 52 | FIFTEEN

I want you to know that I more than just love your dad. I respect him. I appreciate him for working hard for all of us. He does what needs to be done and not very often does he complain...unless its laundry. Your dad hates to do laundry. Here's what you know--Dadda goes to work. Here's what you don't know--Dadda gets up for work at 2:30a, comes home by 10am and is back to work again at 11:30 until 8:00pm. Then he does it all over again. With your pictures in his bag so that he constantly reminds himself he pushes himself and gives his bosses good work. That's something to be proud of. When you're older we'll tell you of all the lessons we learned, sometimes late and sometimes just in time.

I know without a doubt he'd give up his life for you in a second. I adore this dad of yours. You are so blessed to be his sons.

Project 52 | FOURTEEN

1. Being stwong! 2. A most perfect in between moment 3. Roaring like a dinosaur...after I promised you a popsicle.

Greyson--No bribery here, but it took forever to get a smile out of him because he was too busy wanting everything else except to sit still for one second.

I love you two. More than I could ever imagine that I could love anybody. That's all I have to say this week.

Project 52 | THIRTEEN

I tried my very best to put it off. I didn't want it to happen before he turned a year old, but he started to look really homeless and was requiring more gel and hairspray than I put in my own hair. First haircuts make me cry. They mean babies are getting bigger and require more little boy styles and treatments. Greyson's first haircut happened at home the weekend of Easter. My mom cut it while I held him and we saved the first cuts of baby hair. He handled it great! Hopefully its a sign of things to come, because having two little boys screaming at Great Clips might melt this momma down.

Speaking of two little boys my ever-insistent-no-we-are-not-having-any-more-kids husband just asked me what I'd think of having another. Boys-just-about-lost-his-mind! ;)

Project 52 | TWELVE

{This week I had every intention of staying on top of this Project. Good thing I'm only doing 52 and not 365 because then I REALLY would have felt like a failure. :)}

I have my camera out pretty often but usually always have my phone which is where this photo came from. It's been in my mind to get into a lot more photos with my boys. Really, I'm my biggest critic for moments. I go through the usual thought process that I'm not in the shape I'd prefer to be in, my post-partum hair growth is growing in a way that I look like a lion complete with mane and my face only looks pleasing at certain angles. It was no different when I took a photo with Gray and Cash this week. You can see what I wrote about this photo here.

One of the things I always tell clients is that there will never be a better time to get into photos with their kids. If you wait until you look perfect it'll never happen and your kids really don't care. No kid looks back at the photos with their parents and say, "Gosh my parents are so fat, they shouldn't have taken pictures with me!" I know that sounds laughable, but its the honest truth. Get in pictures with your kiddos! Frame them, let them be preserved, treasured and create portraits that will be around for generations!

Okay, I'm off my soapbox. :) I love this picture. I'm going to be updating my photos with my kiddos this weekend. Because I deserve to be in photos--I don't want to be the mom who was never in photos. I want  my grandkids, my great grandkids  and my great, great grandkids to know that they had a beautiful grandmother. ;)


Jensen + Elizabeth || Gilroy Wedding Photography

They met in high school, were "only friends," went to separate colleges and moved on past high school. He moved to Virginia (West, I think) and she stayed local. Jensen finally came to his senses realizing that the woman of his dreams was back at home and that it was time to join back up with his heart in Gilroy. He proposed at a Giant's game and really, only the best of men propose at Giant's games (okay, I might be biased on that one), and they are now planning their lives together.

Jensen and Elizabeth are getting married in June and I am so honored to be able to document their wedding day. They both have amazing families and Elizabeth has some of the most beautiful sisters.

We met Capitola and the day was just perfect! He makes her laugh and glow and their love is absolutely pure.








Ah, Elizabeth! You are going to make such a gorgeous bride!

Can I just say how much I adore the next two photos?


Happy Tuesday!