Project 52 | TWELVE

{This week I had every intention of staying on top of this Project. Good thing I'm only doing 52 and not 365 because then I REALLY would have felt like a failure. :)}

I have my camera out pretty often but usually always have my phone which is where this photo came from. It's been in my mind to get into a lot more photos with my boys. Really, I'm my biggest critic for moments. I go through the usual thought process that I'm not in the shape I'd prefer to be in, my post-partum hair growth is growing in a way that I look like a lion complete with mane and my face only looks pleasing at certain angles. It was no different when I took a photo with Gray and Cash this week. You can see what I wrote about this photo here.

One of the things I always tell clients is that there will never be a better time to get into photos with their kids. If you wait until you look perfect it'll never happen and your kids really don't care. No kid looks back at the photos with their parents and say, "Gosh my parents are so fat, they shouldn't have taken pictures with me!" I know that sounds laughable, but its the honest truth. Get in pictures with your kiddos! Frame them, let them be preserved, treasured and create portraits that will be around for generations!

Okay, I'm off my soapbox. :) I love this picture. I'm going to be updating my photos with my kiddos this weekend. Because I deserve to be in photos--I don't want to be the mom who was never in photos. I want  my grandkids, my great grandkids  and my great, great grandkids to know that they had a beautiful grandmother. ;)


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