Project 52 | THIRTEEN

I tried my very best to put it off. I didn't want it to happen before he turned a year old, but he started to look really homeless and was requiring more gel and hairspray than I put in my own hair. First haircuts make me cry. They mean babies are getting bigger and require more little boy styles and treatments. Greyson's first haircut happened at home the weekend of Easter. My mom cut it while I held him and we saved the first cuts of baby hair. He handled it great! Hopefully its a sign of things to come, because having two little boys screaming at Great Clips might melt this momma down.

Speaking of two little boys my ever-insistent-no-we-are-not-having-any-more-kids husband just asked me what I'd think of having another. Boys-just-about-lost-his-mind! ;)


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