Project 52 | FIFTEEN

I want you to know that I more than just love your dad. I respect him. I appreciate him for working hard for all of us. He does what needs to be done and not very often does he complain...unless its laundry. Your dad hates to do laundry. Here's what you know--Dadda goes to work. Here's what you don't know--Dadda gets up for work at 2:30a, comes home by 10am and is back to work again at 11:30 until 8:00pm. Then he does it all over again. With your pictures in his bag so that he constantly reminds himself he pushes himself and gives his bosses good work. That's something to be proud of. When you're older we'll tell you of all the lessons we learned, sometimes late and sometimes just in time.

I know without a doubt he'd give up his life for you in a second. I adore this dad of yours. You are so blessed to be his sons.


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