Junior & Rosa~Engaged! Gilroy Wedding Photographer

I have known Junior and Rosa for a while and was flattered when they asked me to shoot their wedding~more because I haven't broken "into the market" yet and have yet to think of myself as a wedding photographer. Ask me how I'm feeling at the end of the year though. Anyhow, back to J & R (get it...j & r...junior...okay so I'm not the best jokester), with their wedding package came an engagement session. Here's the clencher--THEY'RE GETTING MARRIED IN TWO WEEKS!! Yep, that's right. Crazy people. ;) I rented the 85mm lens from the wonderful people at BorrowLenses.com for this shoot because I'm contemplating buying it~it's a great little (big) lens. Anyhow, enough rambling--here's a peek at their session in Walnut Creek. Enjoy!

I LOVE their smiles in this one!

This is one of my favs~the emotion on both of their faces!
She's going to make a beautiful bride, is she not? And her teeth really are that white!

This one deserved unique processing.
This is their son. Naw, I'm just kidding--this is the guy who has so kindly sacrificed his life, friends and family to be their chaperone. He deserved a picture--he does have amazing eyes.


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