I am so not ready for winter. I raise my voice proudly in this confession ready for the verbal abuse I'm about to receive from my winter loving sisters. There is a reason I feel this yeah, oh yes-there-is. *Whispering* I'm still in love with my favorite Madden Girl sandals and cannot bear the thought of having to put them away for the winter. It's pathetic, I know. But they've been everywhere with me this summer and I finally got them to mold to my feet (okay, fine, they molded right away but whatevah). They went with me to Camp Meeting when I took photos of Josh, I think they've been along on every other shoot I've had this summer, they traveled with me to Denice's wedding rehearsal and traveled south with me when I went to see Kristin and Kathryn. They aren't grand sandals (in fact they're quite worn now) but I love them. I loved them even more when Denice got a pair because that meant I had them first! I can't stand the thought of having to shop for boots for the winter and isolate my toes.


I can't bring myself to resign to the fact that the leaves are turning brown, the sun is setting sooner and the weather is becoming colder. I am in a total state of denial.


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