Where Was I?

The other day {which is Deanna speak for yesterday} my life just kind of hit me. Apparently I've been married for more than 5 years and we're starting a family. This is crazy. Can somebody please tell me where was I when all this happened? Because I know that just yesterday I woke up and all this *spreads arms out all around* is now my life. To say we're a little overwhelmed, stressed and looking forward to things to come would be an understatement. Scratch that. Mat.is.STRESSING.out! Poor guy. I'm going to have to get him into massage therapy or something. But really, pray for the poor man. I think he may end up developing some serious chocolate addictions which might challenge his masculine side. Or I may have to share my chocolate and that just might send ME over the edge. No, no, no that just will not do. Perhaps we should just take a hint from Pouf. She likes to pretend she has no clue that changes are happening.

Happy Thursday!


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