Eye Joints and Carrot Juice

When I saw it sitting in the fridge I had a fifteen year flashback. My flashback included a juicer, oodles of carrots and eczema. I had really bad eczema when I was a kid. If I had a joint, the dry skin sat in its crevices: elbow joints, knee joints, hip joints, neck and eye joints...don't hate, I make up my own joints. It was bad. Out of desperation my parents took me to the doctor and eventually the dermatologist. The dermatologist was a lifesaver. The doctor on the other hand should just send everyone to the dermatologist--they had the bright idea that carrot juice had properties that helped the skin. Um, ew. So, enthusiastically, my now nature loving organic dad went out and got a juicer and carrots. The one thing the doctor said was that my skin may turn orange after about a week of carrot juice. He should have never said it in front of me. God bless me and my vanity, I think I drank a total of 5 glasses of carrot juice over a two week period. It was deeeeessssggusting! And I swore it off for the rest of my life. Until today. Today I braved death to try carrot juice again--being a vegetarian I figured it was very vegetarianish to do and I should probably like it. Yes, this is how my mind thinks. Whatever--it worked. It wasn't bad! I didn't die and even though it doesn't taste bad I probably will keep it light. I mean, who (other than these strange women who haven't figured out their tanner is old)wants orange skin?!?

Happy Wednesday!


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