I've been wanting to purchase Show-it Slideshows for a while since I use Show-it for my website (which is currently being updated with fresh content and a fresh look, and I'm jumping up and down in my skin wanting it to be done...ack!! Okay, now back to my regularly scheduled in control self). I finally got it (ahem, I love sales) and have been playing with it ever since. And I'm in love. The slideshows are beautiful and I've totally had so much fun! Here are a couple of sessions I did recently.

Mari~she did a just because session celebrating her life. It was so much fun and EVERY woman should do a session just for themselves.

Emily~graduating this year from high school these are her senior pictures. She's beautiful!

Each slideshow will now be posted with each session but I must keep playing and make one for everybody! :) Talk to you in another month when I'm done! Kidding, although I do slap myself for being a bad blogger. Bad llama.


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