I Love You Today

It's something you'll find on our Facebook walls. Our daily mantra. Our little code for saying you're the best (even though you drive me nuts sometimes). Actually that's just for Mat, I know I never drive him nuts.

He adores my singing by never turning on the radio the second I start, lavishes praise on my mad cooking skills (he says I make the best quesadillas) and delights in the fact that his laundry is done every week. In the same way I applaud his diligence in scheduling his time properly (especially on Monday nights in the fall), appreciate how much he can absorb himself in a good book and how he can read ONE chapter from FOUR books at the same time (I tell you that's amazing), and I absolutely get a kick that he loves the carpet so much he shares food with it. We're a great team.

And there is no one I would rather be married to. As much as I'm a great cook and he has the quietest laugh in the world, he is the most amazing man in the world. I love his modern way of thinking, the way he treats me like a lady and yet is a great partner to my independent self. He's amazing. Simply amazing.

Mat, I love you today.


  1. Hi, CHAPAS!!!!! I'm loving the "I Love you Today" theme! Very cute/sweet/warm/fuzzy and oh so nice~


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