An Unselfish Year

It was a bit of an epiphany. Something that hit me in the head with a firm "duh." I mean, I've always kind of known it but it never really resonated with me. It was always just one of those things that I want to be. You know when you see someone when a certain characteristic that you wish you possessed? It's kind of like that. There are some people who are just NICE. They have a good heart and are always giving of themselves completely selfishly...and its here I confess a flaw. I'm not one of those people. There are time when I am so wrapped up in what I'm doing that I allow (and that's the key word) things to interfere with me and struggle with giving more of myself. In this new year, its something that I vow. I don't have to be someone great or of all importance. I can do this just as me. Just as I am. I want to be an inspiration in someone's life. To touch more people than I can count. Not for self glorification or selfish reasons either but because there is more to life than my silly little world. I actually love that I have weaknesses and love to see how I change them. I want to give more to my family, friends, clients and church. It's what I do that will define me (thank you Batman).

Happy Wednesday!


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