Such a Snob

I never realized how much of a snob she was until Denice got married. I had a friend offer her a piece of prized steak and instead of being excited, she sniffed it and turned her head like it was the most offensive thing she had ever smelled. I mean I must have been in denial because she is, after all, adorable. Never mind that she when she's outside she'll only sit in the sun, otherwise she'll give you this miserable look that seems to say you'd get cold too if forced to sit on cold pavement, can you please bring me a blanket or something?? Or, that she has to be completely covered before going to bed at night? Do I have the only dog that won't eat the same food three days in a row and therefore just won't eat?

Today I tried to get her in all her cuteness...my little snob would not even dignify a look at the camera and got quite huffy (as you can plainly see below) when my shutter kept clicking. Well, boo her and her royalty. The first two aren't poses, oh no no. That's her ignoring me. 90% of my pictures of her are like that. I usually print the other 10% because the cute ones are who I pretend she really is. She gives me such joy!

Happy Monday!


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