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I am the worst self shopper ever. As a female I know its probably the most blasphemous statement any woman could ever make. But alas, its quite true. Stef, an avid shopper, stylist, shoe connoisseur gets completely exasperated with me. She tells me I never buy anything for myself. Painfully true and I don't know what it is. Maybe its because I don't value the whole fashion things as much as I wish I could or because deep down I'm some sort of fashionista living in a minimimalist's body. For example, tonight my dear mother in law asked me how many purses I have? 2. Shoes? 3 pairs that I wear. Coats? 1. Sweaters? 2. I begin to realize how painfully pathetic these numbers sounded. And honestly, I can't decide if this bothers me. I love purses but can only use one at a time so I might as well find one that I REALLY like. I find a neutral pair of shoes in the summer and wear them all summer long, never giving much thought to having more than one pair for day and one pair for church. In the winter I wear the same pair of boots until they die. Mat? Same thing. Our priorities have just never laid in the fashion end of things. Until recently. We've both become a little more appreciative of variety. I'm super thankful for what we have. There are some people who only have a sweater and no coat, a pair of sandals and no boots and only a backpack or trash sack to carry their belongings. For our blessings I am so thankful. And I've come to realize that its okay to have something new just for you. That its okay to walk through the whole store and actually buy what you've been holding in your hands the entire time, rather than putting it back because you can't justify buying yourself a little something. So yesterday I went shopping. I was in the mood. For three and a half hours I browsed two stores and bought myself a little something. Now I know to everyone who has even read this far this may not be like some big thing, but to me, the girl who ALWAYS puts back what she's holding in her hand it was a big deal. It was a purse. Just for me. :) Best thing? It was on sale!

Isn't it cute?

Now for all the people like me who have a hard time spending a buck or two on themselves because everything else about life takes priority, take a couple hours and do something for yourself. Even if its just buying yourself a $15 purse. ;)

Happy Sunday!


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