Rainy Days and Mondays

I can remember as a kid being bummed that rain never seemed to fall on a Monday. In the rare instances that it did I would have an ear to the radio hoping the DJ would play The Carpenter's song Rainy Days and Mondays. Without fail, it never happened. They would play the song on Tuesday and which point I would belt out the few words that I knew in commemoration of the day before. Wow, how was that for confusing? :)

Well today was Monday, a holiday AND it rained so I belted out the song with all the inside gusto I could manage on this lazy day and just enjoyed life. It was the perfect day for playing video games (yes, we still only have a GameCube), doing a little cleaning, hanging out at my in-laws and spending some time watching old movies (I can never have too much of Jimmy Stewart). A perfectly relaxing day enjoying lots of little moments filled with peace.

I wish you all a happy and peaceful week. *side note prayer: Dear God, please allow a little bit of sunshine through this weeks storms, otherwise I think I may go a little crazy. *

Happy Monday!


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