Parker::Gilroy Senior Photography

Hi everyone! Long time no talk to eh? I apologize. Sincerely. So much has happened since my last blog post (you know, the one where it had been 2 months since I blogged?). Biggest news? We're expecting kiddo #2! Yay for big brothers and outgrowing our tiny place. :)

 Speaking of twos...meet Parker! I shot his older brother 2 years ago and this year Parker is graduating from high school. Really, there was so much I loved about the shoot. The location, the lighting, the weather, the model. Guys are so easy to photograph, really. I had a lot of favorites from this session but will leave you with my two absolutes. The bottom one needs to be a poster. Really.


I'm working to get caught up and have lots more photos to show. Thanks for being so patient!

Happy Thursday!


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