Cash's Fault

I blame it all on Cash. Because I can. A 2 hour housecleaning job becomes an all day, heck, all week project. Sitting down to answer an email becomes a constant litany of "No. Don't. Stop. Don't touch that. Cash!" Trying to pack up an order becomes...well, just see the previous sentence. On top of that Mat's schedule at work has changed because of the season and he's been starting at 3:15, then 2:15 and now 12:15--so I lock myself out of my house, away from my work because a certain 16 month old doesn't have volume control and apparently Mat needs something called sleep. So, right now? I'm at my mom's. Cash is sleeping and I totally just remembered that I had a blog.

This has been my life. Since the end of October and early November. Really. My brother in law has dubbed everyone in the family as mine and Cash's babysitters because of how often we are at everyone's house so that my husband can sleep. I.just.want.to.be.home. I will be so glad when January comes around.

All that--just to explain my blogging absence, my 2:00 AM emails and blogging 2 months after my last post! I'm probably going to do my Christmas shopping after the holidays. Okay, well, I'm going to buy Cash a present after the holiday! What? The kid is going to be loaded, so no need for me to feel the pressure y'all! ;)

I kid, I kid. *chortle* ya right.

Anyhow, I promised to catch up here every chance I get! I've had some amazing sessions this season and a couple of weddings that I need to blog with some beautiful brides. I hope everyone has an amazing holiday!


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