A Vignette

I got a new phone. I'm almost totally up to date technologically. Almost. My phone is mostly plasticky--and I won't even tell you what operating system I'm running on my computer. But me and dinosaurs? We're good friends. Buuut, imagine how hip I felt when I got a Droid. Oh yeeeaahhh *said with my best Barry White imitation*.

Anyhow, being the type A perfectionist about my photos that I am, I was very underwhelmed with the camera that came with the phone. It took me forever to find a program I liked. One of my favorite photo apps, Instagram, isn't on the droid market. And I was finding nothing even close in comparison. Until I browsed a Q&A section on Instagram (yes, and I read manuals too) when I saw the name Vignette and that it was a great alternative on Droid. Bottabing bottaboom! Sold and sold. It lacks the social aspect Instagram has but nevertheless is waaay better than my stock camera.

I've started doing a photo a day on my Twitter and love that I have to think outside the box because the camera phone is only so powerful. To be honest, putting together the collage I had to go through oodles of "Cash" photos to get these. I obviously need to expand my daily interests. ;) I'm actually finding I love that Vignette has more options than Instagram in processing. And I can express another side of myself through my phone.

Oh and my phone? It hooks up to my computer!! Yeah I'm lame. I know.

Happy Thursday!


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