Neveah {Newborn Session}

This little beauty was born to a beauty. Seriously. Ben and Staci are such a good looking couple. Staci was a referral from her best friend Lindsay (Jordyn's mom)and I was totally thrilled!

On the day we set up our shoot we actually got a little snow in Gilroy *cue the Hallelujah chorus*. All of us Gilroyans had been Facebooking for a couple days in anticipation of this alleged snow and it happened! And...I am totally off topic. :)

Neveah was such a good baby. She didn't want to sleep for about half an hour and then she was out for the rest of the session. Absolutely perfect. I am loving all these newborns. Enjoy this little beauty.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh how I love newborn pictures! She's a little doll baby! Love all the dark hair too... *sigh*


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