6 Months

So at this point the kiddo is already 7 months.

Yeahhh...I lag. *points finger at Cash* It's totally his fault. But he is so worth it!! I mean, look at that chubby face. A girl at church said he looked like that little kid Russel from the Pixar movie Up--that still makes me laugh. I had another friend tell me to start investing in football gear. Hehe. I love my little chub immensely.

We were out at Santana Row with my sisters and brother-in-law and I set out to get some photos of my little guy before he turned seven months old, oh, like the week after. That way I could say he was "technically" 6 months old. Oh the things that mean something to me. :) He made us all laugh and had quite a few admirers around him. Right now his current stats are: 22lbs., 26 in., 8 teeth and is doing his darndest to learn how to crawl. He loves beans, graham crackers and drinking water from a cup. I'm currently indoctrinating him to say Mama so that my uncle doesn't get his way in making sure Cash's first word is Nick.

Happy Tuesday!


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