Adelina + Shawn {Married}

Every once in a while you hear about a couple who meets, loves what they find and decides to get married. All in the span of 6 months. Meet Lina and Shawn. Lina was Steffy's childhood friend and her family have been members of our church for years. It's been such an honor watching her life unfold and seeing how God has a plan for her life. Shawn is an amazing guy. He treats her like a queen. He loves her son without any reservations. And on their wedding day when he talked to his dad I couldn't help but hear him say that he was marrying the woman of his dreams.

I wish the happiest of ever afters and dreams for you both.

Their wedding was for family only and was such a beautiful intimate affair. I was thrilled to be a part of it.

Is she not gorgeous? I posted this photo on my Facebook because I loved it so much.

Because the ceremony was in the evening we had limited light so Shawn and Lina decided to see each other before the ceremony.


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